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Achziv Sunset
Image © 1991, Samuel Lewis. Located on the Mediterranean a few miles south of the Israeli/Lebanese border, barbed wire on the beach at Achziv, Israel, mars what would otherwise be one of the more picturesque and popular resort areas in the Middle East, and reflects the reality that whatever peace exists is at best tenuous.

With my beginnings as a photojournalist, I bring the same journalistic approach to creating sports-related images. Over the last twenty-five years, I have worked for a variety of news-gathering organizations, performed extensive contract work including for several major universities, and my images have appeared in a wide variety of publications. I am based in South Florida.
I have covered FIU sports extensively since 2005, and now have over 60,000 images available in a searchable library. If you have difficulty locating a specific image or ordering prints, please contact me for assistance.

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